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Off the farm, wearable art—gobsmackingly creative

Who’d have thunk it?

Haute couture meets rural lifestyle. Anything is possible in this land peopled by DIY-ers. Even, a Paris-styled catwalk parade showcasing wearable garments made of stuff from the farm.

The annual Ag Art Wear Show in Hamilton fused creative genius and theatrical extravaganza. It made NZ’s National Agricultural Fieldays worth the effort of plowing through crowds and farming gear, lots of farming gear. Continue reading

Morrinsville—If pigs could fly

Pigs can’t fly … but they can run a mean race. The Porky Pig Race is a huge draw at the Morrinsville A & P show (Agriculture and Pastoral Show). It’s the Kiwi equivalent of a county fair. We placed a $2 bet on Wilbur … who came in third. Pigs can’t fly, but dogs can. We saw them do it. Amazing feats of “fly-gility.” And they move at the speed of light during the show’s highly competitive, winner takes all, sheep herding trials. Continue reading

Tramping into New Zealand’s gold mining history

We prefer to avoid crowd crunching activities. But we’ve also discovered the sweet iconic fruits of a well-paved tourist trail—particularly when it integrates landscape and history. Case in point: Karangahake Gorge. It’s legendary in New Zealand for good reason. Continue reading

First week highlights in New Zealand

Kenton and I have been in New Zealand one week—except that we’re one day ahead here and three hours behind. Before everything dissolves into mush, I need to “get it while the gettin’s good,” as my father used to say. Here unadorned, in no particular order, are 10 highlights of our first week in this new place—a tiny scrap of green land in the midst of a deep blue sea. Continue reading