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Finding the sacred in boiling mud

It was eerily beautiful to be alone with boiling mud pools today. The underworld seemed close, veiled by billowing sulphurous mist. The mud blurped into weirdly wonderful circular forms, quickly disappeared, then reformed again and again. Continue reading

Rotorua: fire burn and caldron bubble

Rotorua’s geothermic landscape compels one to think hellish things. “It’s an opportunity to get as close to Hades and yet be able to return,” George Bernard Shaw is reputed to have said during his early 1900s travels. For me, Rotorua calls Macbeth’s witches instantly to mind, their litany of ingredients for “a charm of powerful trouble, like a hell-broth boil and bubble.” Me thinks “swelter’d venom” aptly describes the pervasive, pungent aroma of hydrogen sulfide. Continue reading